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Carrera Jeans – a brand with history!

The brand was founded in Verona in 1965 and has more than 50 years jeans experience. Carrera Jeans has been the second largest jeans brand behind Levis in ​​Italy in the 80’s. Today, Carrera Jeans is still number 1 in the men’s jeans segment in Italy ahead of Levis, Diesel, Lee, Wrangler, and all the other famous brands.

How is that possible?

Italians are very tradition-conscious and know Carrera’s good quality. They are proud that an Italian product can keep up with the big international brands and therefore support the national business. In addition, Carrera Jeans is able to offer their jeans at better prices than the other major jeans brands. Thanks to innovative materials, Carrera jeans are lovely soft and comfortable to wear while they designwise offer both the latest trends and timeless classics.

We believe that a product which the Italians have loved in more than 50 years cannot be wrong for us in Scandinavia, right?

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